donderdag 31 mei 2012

Video: Brouwer Vleuten 140 141 142 143 - Tekno Event 2012

Video: Uittocht Tekno Event 2012 - Loud Pipes Saves Lives! HD

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Video: Tekno Event Intocht 2012 - S. Verbeek

In this documentary three truck drivers are followed on the road.

A movie about three Dutch drivers: Rene and Lex, both for Logistics Forest road, and Gerard, who is now four years in Canada driver. The men talk about their dreams, ideas, and how the way for them a destination in itself, a goal and a home, where a beautiful, sensitive, sometimes hard but realistic picture of the driver's landscape.

Video: Tekno Event Intocht 2012 - Eda Trans Scania V8

Video: Truckfestival West-Friesland Uittocht 2012 HD

Video: Tolner Transport - Scania R500 V8 Intercooler