dinsdag 17 april 2012

Boije Ovebrink sets new world truck speed records in Volvo VN

Volvo Mean Green truck with a green color, the fastest hybrid in the world with volvo mean green hybrid, will try to reach speeds exceeding 260km/h. On April 27 at Wendover Airfield in Utah, USA, to try and beat his own world speed record set just last year by ‘Mean Green driver, Boije Ovebrink. Volvo builds a hybrid currently holds the speed record at 500 yards standing, standing kilometer and flying mile – standard international rate.
This Volvo Mean Green hybrid Truck fastest truck in the world in total, the average Green pumps out 2100 horsepower, large and nearly 6779 Nm of torque – the 200 horsepower and 1200 Nm of torque from the electric motor. Aerodynamics also plays an important role in achieving the highest speed, so the designers chose the North American Volvo VN cab and sculpted aerodynamic optimal shape for the Volvo Mean Green hybrid.Green means the feature modified versions of the following components of the production Volvo: Volvo hybrid motor, battery hybrid Volvo, Volvo D16 diesel engines, Volvo I-Shift automated manual transmission.

Video: Brink Ovebrink and Mean Green vs. Ferrari

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